Awards Guidelines
  • All entries must have been published during calendar year 2010.
  • One copy of the entry form duly filled, should be sent with each entry.
  • There should not be more than one entry in one category by a publication. However, the same publication may be entered in various categories if required.
  • In each category concerning periodicals (1 to 9) please submit two consecutive issues of your publication. Please specify the issue to be judged by marking "ENTRY COPY" on the back cover of the relevant issues, and "SUPPORTING COPY" on the other issue.
  • In the Special Column categories, the publication in which the column to be judged is printed should be sent, accompanied by photocopies of the entire year's output of the column in order to establish regularity.
  • For entries in the Photography section, please submit one of the original photograph (minimum size: 10 x 15cms), along with a copy of the publication in which it is reproduced. The page should be clearly marked.
  • In the Writing categories, the entry will be judged on the basis of readability, depth, originality of theme, presentation and suitability to audience. Please clearly mark the page/pages of the entry to be judged.
  • An entry under the "New Publications" category should carry some proof to show that it is a new publication brought out for the first time in 2010.
  • The judges will take particular note of the entry's objectives, and its role within the organization and/or market. Publications will be judged vis-a-vis the stated objectives, on quality and balance of the written and visual content, layout, design, production, overall appeal and periodicity, target audience and cost of production.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by the fee and one copy of the entry form. Entry form may be photocopied if necessary.
  • Entrants must complete all the questions asked on the entry form or indicate that they are not applicable. The entry form must be firmly attached to the top of the publication. The two consecutive issues (in the Periodicals categories) may be firmly secured together.
  • The category number of the entry must be clearly marked on the top right-hand corner of the back cover of the entry and on both issues in the Periodicals categories.
  • Entry fee is Rs. 1250/- per entry for members and Rs. 1750/- per entry for non members.
  • The Deadline for entries is 28th September 2011. No liability on ABCI for entries lost or delayed in the post.
  • Kindly send us email ids of 3 different executives to communicate results of the judging round.
  • Decision of the judges will be final and binding.
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