Categories Of Awards
  1. INTERNAL MAGAZINES : Periodical in the magazine format primarily for employees. Printed in 2 and 4 colours. Size would not be over 8.2'' x 11.6'' / 21cms x 29.7cms
  2. EXTERNAL MAGAZINES: Periodical in the magazine format mainly for an external audience. Size would not be over 8.2'' x 11.6'' / 21cms x 29.7cms
  3. TABLOIDS (Internal or External): Periodicals that are simpler in style than magazines and which have mainly news items rather than features.Size would not be over 11.75'' x 16.5'' (this is the international size of Tabloid).
  4. NEWSLETTERS: Periodicals that are simpler in style than magazines and which have mainly news items rather than features.
  5. INDIAN LANGUAGE PUBLICATIONS : Magazines / Newsletters / Tabloids published exclusively in any Indian language other than English. There will be a separate award for each language provided minimum standards are met.
  6. BILINGUAL PUBLICATIONS: Magazines/ Newsletters / Tabloids that combine two or more languages.
  7. NEW PUBLICATIONS: New periodicals launched in 2010. Existing publications have been redesigned or relaunched are not eligible.
  8. For Categories 1 to 7, judging will be based on content and its impact.

  9. WALLPAPER: This is a single-sheet, single-sided, poster style newsletter put up in offices, shop-floors, etc. to communicate current news and events to employees.

Overall design excellence throughout the publication, including appropriateness, use of typography, treatments and production techniques. Category 9 to 11, will be judged on the basis of look & feel, colours combination and diversity in design relevant to content and impact of design on communication.

  • MAGAZINE DESIGN: Size would not be over 8.2'' x 11.6'' / 21cms x 29.7cms
  • NEWSLETTER DESIGN: Design done in year 2010.
  • BROCHURE DESIGN: Design done in year 2010.
  • PRESTIGE PUBLICATIONS: One-time prestigious publications brought out in 2010 for the purpose of organizational promotion or promotion of an event or cause.
  • FEATURES (ENGLISH): In-depth treatment of a subject, usually descriptive and interpretative in nature. Generally of two or more pages.
  • SPECIAL COLUMN (ENGLISH): A regular column of communication with a view to entertain, inspire or inform the entire year's output of the column will be required.
  • FEATURES (LANGUAGE): In-depth treatment of subject, usually descriptive and interpretative in nature. Written in an Indian language.
  • SPECIAL COLUMN (LANGUAGE): A regular column written to entertain, inspire or inform. Written in an Indian language.
  • HEADLINES: Use of headlines in a single publication. DO they catch the reader's attention? Are crossheads, strap lines and other effects used effectively and appropriately.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Photograph published in any organizational publication, periodical or otherwise the photograph should have been commissioned for the article or submitted by an employee. Please clearly mention picture taken by an amateur or by a professional. STOCK PICTURES ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  • PHOTO FEATURE: A series of photographs accompanied by text, depicting a definite theme. Space devoted to the photographs should exceed 60% of the total space of the feature.
  • ILLUSTRATION: Use of illustration in a publication to attract and sustain interest, and complement the subject matter. Please specify the illustration to be judged.
  • ANNUAL REPORTS: Reports published for the financial year 2009-10 accompanied by graphic presentations, photographs and illustrations to dramatise and communicate clearly the organization's financial results/activities/achievements.
  • EXHIBITION COLLATERAL: Collateral is a collection of publications like folders, brochures, catalogues, danglers, display materials, signage, posters, printed exclusively for an exhibition that helps you disseminating your message to visitors. They convey the purpose of the exhibition and provides a branding opportunity.

(designed in 2010 for calendar year 2011)

  • Wall Calendar for year 2011
  • Table Calendar for the year 2011
  • SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY COMMUNICATION: A campaign that has as its main purpose the communication of a company's efforts in meeting its social responsibilities beyond its main business. Communication through Print/Electronic/Outdoor may be used.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL COMMUNICATION: A campaign that has as its main purpose of communication of a Company's efforts in protecting the environment. Any communication medium/media may be used. Include any examples of positive feedback from your target audience.

Communications to an internal/external audience using digital media-on-line publications, website, corporate profiles, interactive presentations, etc. Entry should be sent on a CD or via internet access.

  • E-ZINE: Electronic in-house magazine, with no printed edition.
  • MULTIMEDIA CD-ROM BASED PRESENTATION: Professional quality Presentations made using various media such as audio, slides, videos etc. These are menu driven presentations, which the user explores. These presentations are generally developed using Flash or Director. Corporate Films, AV etc are excluded from this category. Judging criteria could be innovation in interactivity, classification system, the effectiveness of the communication, the overall appeal and look and feel.
  • WEB - COMMUNICATION - ONLINE CAMPAIGN: A campaign is a series of synergetic communication on the internet, using various web promotions techniques (banners, roadblocks, landing pages, emails etc) for a promoting a common goal (product, service) etc.
  • CORPORATE WEBSITE: Official full-fledged Internet websites of the companies will be judged on the basis of creative and inspiring designs, ease of navigation, functionalities, availability of up-todate information and to the extent to which they aid brand and marketing communication. Microsites are not accepted. Websites which have won the award will not be considered as entries for a period of 3 years from the year they have won the award, even if they have been re-launched with major revisions
  • CORPORATE INTRANET : These sites which are used as internal communication platforms in corporates need to be provided on CDs/ DVDs or login based access can be given if they are to be considered as entries under these category. A company may send any number of entries in this category. These sites will be judged on the basis of look and feel, ease of navigation, and to the extent to which they aid communication activities for the purpose they have been set up.
  • CORPORATE FILM: A documentary on company showing audio visual format, highlighting profile business and services rendered.
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