Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join/ renew my membership to ABCI?

Take a print-out of the ABCI Membership Application from the web site, fill up the relevant details and mail or courier it along with the cheque payment to the following address:

Mr. Yogesh Joshi
Association of Business Communicators of India
C/o C. Dorabji & Co.,
22-D Wadia Bldg, 1st Floor
S. A. Brelvi Road, Fort
Mumbai 400 001

Once payment is processed, we will acknowledge new membership registration by sending user ID and password for your account in the web site through email. Email ID is a must for new membership registration. Membership renewal will also be acknowledged through email.

Q: How many types of ABCI memberships exist?

There are four types of ABCI membership:

Individual Membership: Persons who are committed to the objectives set forth in the ABCI Memorandum of Association and who are engaged either full time or part time in business communication shall be eligible for individual membership.
Annual Fees - Rs. 2,500/-

Corporate Membership: Any firm, company or institution having its own business communication programme shall be eligible for corporate membership. Corporate members shall be entitled to nominate, subject to approval by the Executive council, not more than 3 representatives, who are directly connected with business communication to represent it in the Association.
Annual Fees - Rs. 10,000/-

Student Membership: Students enrolled in recognized institution or recognized tutorial institutions for courses in communication subjects such as journalism, publicity and public relation, TV, radio, films and photography are eligible for student membership. A student membership will be from year to year and will cease at the end of the year on completion of studies or on the student member ceasing to be a student of the institute of his studies.
A student member shall have not voting rights and shall not be eligible for election to or inclusion in the Executive Council.
Annual Fees - Rs. 1,500/-

Q: What is the period of any membership to ABCI?

Individual, student, and corporate memberships are for 12 months, starting from 1st April to 31st March next year. One can become a member in between the year; however, he/she will have to renew the membership by April next year. The same rule is applicable to Associate & Corporate Members. The Association also has a Life Time Membership; however, it is at the discretion of the Board to accept such Membership.

Q: When should I renew my membership to ABCI?

One month before your membership subscription expires; ABCI sends you a notice requesting you to renew the membership. Membership renewal should be done before the last date of expiry, failing to do so will attract a penal charge of 10% of subscription fees. If the subscription renewal is done six months after the expiry of membership, renewal is considered as new membership to ABCI.

Q: How do I transfer a corporate membership?

Corporate membership can be transferred within a company to a new person who replaces the position of the original member. The criteria applicable for this transfer are:

The original member must have at least three months left on the membership.

The employer sends a request to transfer the membership on company letterhead mentioning new member's name, title, phone, e-mail, and mailing address.

Q: What currencies does ABCI accept for payment of membership fees? Can I pay by credit card?

Fees for membership renewal or new memberships are accepted by cheque only. Currency accepted is Rupee. Cheques need to be payable at par all over India and should be crossed favouring the Association of Business Communicators of India. If payment is sent from other countries, processing charges need to be added. If processing charges are not paid, membership renewal or new membership registration process cannot be completed. Membership fees once paid will be returned only after deducting application charges, if the renewal or new registration of membership cannot be completed.

Payment of fees using credit care is not enabled so far.

Q: When my contact details change, how can I get them updated in your records?

ABCI proposes to start a facility of Members' login area soon, and link it to Edit Profile. All your personal data can be updated. We suggest members to update their personal data in ABCI web site as soon as a change occurs.

Q: Whom should we contact to get details of types of ABCI memberships?

Please get in touch with Mr. Kirit Varma (Mobile: 098207-17858) for this information. You may also call the Managing Committee members of ABCI.

Q: How can I get a password for Members' Login page in ABCI website?

All the members who have given their email ID have received the user ID and password when the ABCI web site was created in August 2008. Those who had not given the email id, need to enter their request in the web site giving the email ids. We will then create the user id and password and send them through email. This is under process.

Q: I have forgotten my password for Members' Login page in ABCI web site. How can I get a new password?

If you forget password, a link has been provided in Members' Login page of ABCI web site. Once you enter the required fields, a new password will be sent to the email ID registered in your profile in the web site. If you have changed the email meanwhile, you need to get in touch with Mr. Kirit Varma (Mobile: 098207-17858) who will verify the details and provide you a password.

Q: I have received the user ID and password for Members' Login page, but still unable to login. Whom can I get in touch with to get the problem resolved?

Please get in touch with Mr. Kirit Varma (Mobile: 098207-17858) to get this problem resolved. You may also get in touch with Mr. Ron Billimoria of MiracleworX on OR

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