ABCI is the India's largest non-profit organization for Business communications professionals since 1957, ABCI builds the Business Communications profession and the public relations profession in three core areas:
  • Advancing the Profession
  • Strengthening the Society
  • Establishing Global Leadership
Its nearly 1,000 members represent business and industry, technology, counseling firms, government, associations, and hospitals, schools for communications, professional services firms and non-profit organisations.
  • Advancing the Profession: To attain the overall goal as the standard bearer for Business Communications, ABCI maintains and continually enhances all existing Professional Development programs using press & media opportunities at all levels concentrating on Accreditation and the Code of Ethics.

  • Strengthening the Society: While constantly seeking new strategies to increase membership and enrich member services, the ABCI will strive to develop cohesion among the professionals and society. The ABCI will continue to develop a governance structure well adapted to change and one which will constantly measure the effectiveness of its professional performance.

  • Establishing Global Leadership: In order to position ABCI as the acknowledged worldwide brand of Business Communications excellence, ABCI is dedicated to strengthening alliances with other Business Communicators and public relations organizations in India and across the Globe, internationally marketing its products and services, and continuing to help to build Brand India across globe.

ABCI is the leading resource for effective communication practice. We provide products, services, activities and networking opportunities to help people and organizations achieve excellence in business communications, employee relations, marketing communication, corporate affairs and other forms of communication. People around the world -- in every industry may it be public, private and/or an NGO -- have taken advantage of our resources to advance their careers and meet organizational objectives. ABCI specializes in helping professionals and organizations by way of making business sense of communication, think strategically about communication and then only work out a strategy, measure and clarify the value of communication and build better relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

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