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The Association of Business Communicators of India, ABCI as its famously known has been at the forefront of promoting effective communication strategies and knowledge in businesses.

To this end ABCI conducts many workshops, seminars and programmes all over India including the Annual Awards that recognize excellence in Business Communication in India. ABCI is the first organization in India to have successfully launched the concept of Accreditation Programme in India for the Business Communicators & Public Relations fraternity.

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ABCI is a leading resource for effective communication practice. By joining ABCI, you get an opportunity to be a part of the various products, services, activities and networking opportunities provided by us to help people and organizations achieve excellence in business communications, employee relations, marketing communication, corporate affairs and other forms of communication.

By joining ABCI, you are sure to advance your career and meet organizational objectives. You will also be in a position to make business sense of communication and think strategically about communication. It will also help you to work out strategy, measure and clarify the value of communication and build better relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

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